Friday, February 10, 2012

The Butterfly Effect - Andy Andrews

Everything You Do Matters.  

Every Move You Make, Every Action You Take...MATTERS

I was supposed to have reviewed this book last year.  I was given a link to an E-Book by Thomas Nelson Publishers and I had some upheaval in my life and just didn't have time to read it and then it expired.  I was so bummed.  I love just about everything Andy Andrews writes, and couldn't believe I just blew a chance to read this.  Then someone was kind enough to give me a Barnes and Noble Gift Card and I used it to purchase the book.  It was worth it.

This is one of those little Coffee Table books, or in my case, a Book Case book.  I brought it to work and put it on my bookcase that holds all my binders of meeting minutes and important ongoing projects.  I did this so I could remember that Everything I Do, Matters!

If you have never read Andy Andrews, most of what he writes is in allegory format (a truth wrapped inside a story).  This was the way Jesus taught most things for a reason.  Stories stick with us.  I love Andy because he shares little tidbits of history, which I love.  One of his favorite people in history is Joshua Chamberlain, a 34-year-old college professor turned Union Army Colonel.  This man was given one task during a battle that ultimately changed the course of history for the U.S.  Mr. Andrews has given us some of his story in some of his other books like "The Traveler" and The Noticer", but I don't remember him going into as much detail, and I have to tell you, he has turned into one of my favorite historical characters.

This book is not a hard read.  It took me about 15 minutes to read it cover-to-cover, but it is a book that everyone should read once, and then again and again as a way to remind ourselves that what we do matters, not just to us or our family, but could have long lasting impact that we can't even see.

I also want to encourage you to put Andy Andrews in your To Be Read list.  Motivate yourself and others around you to make everything you do count.  It's up to you...Do Something!

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